momentary encounters (6) (2017) for clarinet, piano, violin, and cello

premiere: Feb 3 2018, UVic New Music & Digital Media Festival, University of Victoria B.C. Heather Roche, clarinet; Tzenka Dianova, piano; members of Cuarteto Chroma

bernardo soares (2017) for clarinet, piano, and voice

premiere: Nov 18 2017, St Mary’s Anglican Church, Victoria. Nathan Friedman, clarinet; Kimberley Manerikar, piano; Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins, voice

joyful and anonymous (2016) for singer, 4 (or more) sustaining instruments, and 2 percussionists

premiere: May 29 2017, Saturna Community Hall, Saturna Island. A Place to Listen Ensemble

a gray, bent interior horizon (2016) for guitar

premiere: Dec 15 2016, Canadian Music Centre, Toronto. Adam Batstone, guitar.


the keeper of sheep (2016) for soprano, toy piano, and double bass

premiere: Sep 30 2016, ‘Why Can’t Minimal Do This?’, Open Space, Victoria. Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins, soprano; Lynne Penhale, toy piano; Dave Riedstra, double bass.

the collins overland telegraph trail (2016) for electric guitar and live electronics

premiere: Apr 28 2016, Woodstockhausen: New Music for Rock Band, The Copper Owl, Victoria. Nolan Krell, electric guitar; Nathan Friedman, live electronics.

lake or fog (2016) for violin and cello

premiere: Feb 13 2016, Oak Bay New Music Festival, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Victoria. Natalie Dzbik, violin; Alex Klassen, cello.

momentary encounters (5) (2015) for clarinet

premiere: July 18 2015, The Atrium, Victoria. Nathan Friedman, clarinet.

momentary encounters (4) (2015) for bass flute

momentary encounters (3) (2015) for voice and harmonium (or melodica)

premiere: May 23 2015, Open Space, Victoria. Heather Harker, voice and harmonium.


any three players (2015) for ensemble

premiere: Feb 14 2015, Oak Bay New Music Festival, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Victoria. Nathan Friedman, clarinet; Kimberley Shepherd, piano; Chris Reiche, toy piano.


distributed tourism (2014) for ensemble

premiere: Dec 17 2014, A Place to Listen, James Bay United Church, Victoria. A Place to Listen Ensemble: Daniel Brandes, melodica; Nathan Friedman, clarinet; Erik Abbink, alto saxophone; Kristy Farkas, piano; Alex Jang, mandolin; Hollas Longton, violin.


mormorando (2013) for E-flat clarinet

premiere (public): Oct 16 2013, A Place to Listen, James Bay United Church, Victoria. Liam Hockley, E-flat clarinet